Monday, 27 June 2011

Politics too does an Alzheimer

The Prime Minister of India
(Whosoever it may concern)
Dated: Any day, since you achieved 273
Get up sir,
I, like the other 120 crore, have something to say about the promises you made to us.
It’s just two years, the in-dependence day marked your announcement ‘no one will go hungry’ and after a year of that claim you disdainfully replied to the SC order of distributing free food grains after it was stunned to know that 50MT had rotted already, that “making food available free would destroy incentives to farmers to produce more”. No economist, you are not anymore, will object to the logic of distributing free food grains to those 20 crore people who sleep hungry every night, when they don’t have means to buy it anyways. Cleverly remained hidden the fact of storage capacity shortage despite the food grain procurement prices being not driven by the market and higher prices being paid using taxpayer’s money. You have lakhs of crores to make the ‘raja’s happy but you don’t have a few hundred to save lakhs of tonnes of food grains that can feed crores.
It’s been ages after your bugged FM talked about achieving food security, and you yourself was twice heard to be committed to it, that the 80 crore living on less than Rs.20 a day are still searching the meaning of ‘recently’. Your confident last year proclaim of bringing down inflation to 5-6 per cent cursed it to the extent thereafter that it never saw the minima of 8, the average remained 10.
And then you feel very sad about all these unfortunate events. So that there is less to forget or lie to, has taken by us as the justification for your few public commitments. Your fellow parliamentarian rightly said once ‘PM’’s modesty is of no use’. While ‘swearing in’ you recited, ‘I have promises to keep’, and you kept them all aside.
Whose country is this is I think you know.
He has no say, though
He can see you playing here
Watching his foods fill up your stow
He is lost, poor and weeps
And you have promises to keep
And miles to go, but you sleep
Many miles to go, but unfortunately you sleep
At Your Mercy,
The Citizen of India

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Weapons of Self Destruction

The red flag bearers were left with red faces when our 'prime acting minister' proved his confidence in statistics of votes to allow the passage of outdated technology from US, who found a willing receiver loaded with currency at 'laggards' portions of technological curve. The achievement of nuclear treaty was showcased as the victory of opportunist over the impeders. The government hailed and the scientist wailed, veteran of course, for those in service if ever practice the 'right of free speech' are treated well with 'right to exploitation' in the largest democracy. Murmurs about subservience of national interests and future of India's own nuclear programme could not withstand the destroyer of BinLaden who honored to be our esteemed guest to ensure the Indo-US money transfer deal. US businessmen were fed billions to strengthen Indo-US relations and the rest of hoopla creation was left to the dailies to make it a hot topic for UPSC aspirants. Other developed nations too washed their hands in the flowing stream of Indian rupee.

It is after Japan's tragedy, that bought to fore the inherent risks associated with the usage of nuclear power as an energy source, which the countries across the globe were fearing but accounting less for, that the debate, although should had been argued earlier, should now definitely shift from 'should we harness nuclear energy from US support' to 'should we use nuclear energy at all'. US, the largest producer of nuclear energy in the world had it all before the 'three mile island' incident, with its last nuclear reactor started building in 1972. Germany, for which the nuclear channel fulfills a quarter of county's energy needs, with its announcement to get rid of this silent monster by 2022 could set an example for those who are worrisome, but can it even raise the eyebrows of Indian governing class?

Hope our policy makers, overwhelmed with the success of software service firms providing cheap labor with linguistic capabilities for supporting leftover work of western MNC's, in this case are not at all relying on our technological capabilities (that made us to import it from US), and are not equipped with the insane thought that even if Japan couldn't prevent it we have the capability of averting any possible danger, that too on acquired technology. Even after catering to the unrealistic optimism of our 'lead-errs', if we set aside the the interference of nature which we suppose to be in our control evident by the predictions of our meteorological department, if we talk of security concerns, do we have any answer for all the possibility of it being sabotaged by terrorist activity, internal or external. The government always have plans in place and has tackled it all through these years keeping situation in control with just 50 major attacks in past 5 years claiming only 1000 lives. For that matter, value of a thing is inversely proportional to its availability and human life in India fits the formula, and thus the administration is expected to come out of hibernation only after some 'significant' loss, like the way 'Mumbai attacks' made them realize all of a sudden that our naval shores are vulnerable too.

The 'prime but not minster' lady should better be advised about alternate ways of filling vote bank, else the purchased isotopes of uranium unlike black money (which on fear of any expose can safely be routed to Swiss bank) can easily be put to good use by our small eyed neighbor who does not need to be taught about how to drive it though a sunken state having its intelligence fully devoted to our cause or by arming the well networked force bearing red flag which already has its tentacles spread across five states.